The Ihsan islamic Secondary  school dormitories  provides a safe, active and inclusive environment where its environment strengthen  the students’ life skills in order to succeed in school and mature into after school life.The school has separate dormitories for Girls and Boys, where girls dormitories are far from Boys dormitories.All dormitories  have CCTV camera  for monitoring students and securing dormitories.


Through dormitory living, students experience personal growth and civic development. They learn self-discipline and develop confidence in their own identity. Becoming curious about a wider world, they are inspired to serve others.


In a secure environment, students are  supervised by patrons for Boys and Matron for girls. Medical care is available whenever needed. All bad behaviour are strictly prohibited at the dormitories and any other school environment. Detailed procedures are in place to handle emergencies whenever they arise.

Dormitory students benefit from an orderly and structured way which also leaves time to relax , where the each room can hold only four students each one with his /her own bed.Dormitory window and door are wide for fresh air passing in and out.

Students are supervised to  speak English or Arabic Language regularly and develop friendships with fellow students from different cultures. They learn proper ways to deal with differences and resolve conflicts among themselves through students leadership. Each student is respected and learns to respect others.