Why Choose Ihsan Islamic Secondary School?

It is a coeducation school where boys and girls are given equal opportunity. We follow Tanzania national curriculum blended with nurturing programs, religious training and carefully designed extracurricular activities that make our environment conducive for holistic learning.

Our community has a strong commitment to ensure that our superior accomplishments in training are demonstrated by the excellent conduct and performance of our transformed students. We strive to train and guide students on a path that will give them the knowledge and skills necessary for a productive future in life ( in this world and hereafter)as well as in their academic career in high schools and colleges.

We have admirable services and flexible policies and systems that will allow our students to excel in academics and in soft skills to the degree that will enable them compete and compare favourably with other students from around the world. Our cherished goal is to produce world class citizens of excellent manners who will LEAD by example in efforts to establish a just society for all, devoid of all sorts of corruption and injustices. We welcome you and your son to our Ihsan community. We are truly grateful to you for your visit here and we have good cause to believe that you will find the provided information useful in making your own decision.