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Discover Ihsan Islamic School, an exceptional boarding institution in Kigamboni, Dar es Salaam. We blend academic excellence with character development, creating a nurturing environment where students thrive both academically and spiritually. Join us in cultivating knowledge, integrity, and community for a transformative educational experience.



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    We are highly focused on making sure the disciplene of every student is on progress.

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    Where academic excellence, spiritual growth, and a supportive community converge to shape a brighter future for your child.

    Outstanding Alumni

    Your experience does not stop when you graduate.

    Pierre Hackett
    Bachelor of Business / MBA
    "Pierre is a Fullbright Scholar working to drive change within indigenous communities."
    Leah Steven
    Master of Nutrition and Dietetics
    "Leah is the founder, leader and manager of the most successful private practice dietetic company across American."
    Victor Hansen
    Bachelor of Information Technology
    "Tyson is a serial entrepreneur taking his passion projects and turning them into successful businesses."

    Our Core Values.

    We've achieved an enviable reputation for research and teaching excellence.


    Upholding unwavering ethical principles and honesty in all endeavors.


    Taking responsibility for actions and decisions, nurturing a sense of ownership and reliability.


    Creating a supportive and caring environment that nurtures personal growth, empathy, and community engagement.

    Ihsan Life

    Building a vibrant community of creative and accomplished people

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    Student Life

    A residential campus with diverse housing, exceptional dining, health care and over 600 student
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    A residential campus with diverse housing, exceptional dining, health care and over 600 student
    A residential campus with diverse housing, exceptional dining, health care and over 600 student

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    Parliament Tour

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    Field Visit

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